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Germes-metal SRL
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About the GERMES-METAL Company company possesses modern material and technical resources for wholesale and retails of metal rolling, production capacities for production of hardware and has shop of construction materials. The GERMES-METAL Company scrap metal dealer offers to delivery the wide range of metal rolling which passed certification in the territory of Moldova and made according to the highest standards. Our buyers already use many years an opportunity to get quality metal rolling with the accompanying services of cutting and delivery in the lowest prices. Shop on production of a metalwork and metal wares Material and technical resources: pavement crane, crane goat, krangilyotina, rollers, welding machines, listogibochny, etc. The company delivers to Moldova steel razlichnykhobladayushchy necessary chemical and physical properties for application, both in construction, and for production of metal designs of industrial and decorative function. Production of the decorative pipe GERMES METAL first in Moldova the company which began to make a decorative twisted pipe, and also a decorative imprinted strip and a decorative impressive square. By means of decorative metal elements it is possible to make the house, office or giving even more attractive. Our clients and partners the Integral part of work are consultations for clients. The company will provide necessary goods, considering for what purposes, it is necessary, using that material which suits the customer at the price. Employees help to organize delivery of production, will correctly ship goods and will recommend drivers who will reliably deliver freight. The system of discounts depends on the volume of orders and the range of the acquired goods. Construction materials In October, 2007 the company opened shop of construction materials selling wholesale and retail gypsum cardboard, dry mixes, heat and sound insulating materials, the manual and electric tool.


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